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8th June 2021

Post 2 Pet: A home delivery solution

Have you heard about Post2Pet?  It’s a great way to increase customer loyalty without the need for non-clinical visits.

Struggling to find the time to talk to clients but know the importance of compliance? Seeing even more customers subscribing to online flea and worming treatments due to Covid? Here’s 8 great reasons why Post2Pet could help your clinic:

  1. Compliance: Have your clients lapsed with their flea & worm treatment? Spring is coming and pets need to be protected. Clients are more likely to think about using flea and worm treatments when they actually have them in their hands. Post2Pet provides regular and convenient deliveries to your client increasing their commitment to providing gold standard care.
  2. Education: Do you remind your clients of the importance of flea & worm treatments? Could there be improvements made to compliance but you just don’t have enough time? Post2Pet increases compliance, providing quality products and keeping pets healthy and happy!
  3. Competition: Clients are subjected to effective advertising from online treatment providers, which could affect your practice’s revenue and plan numbers. Post2Pet helps you keep up with clients preferences, ensuring a regular, speedy delivery service that doesn’t compromise on quality.
  4. COVID: Are clients still not coming to the practice to pick up flea and worm treatments because they are cutting unnecessary journeys / contacts? If they haven’t been to the practice in a while, are they still seeing value in their plan? There is a risk of cancellations if they haven’t taken advantage of their benefits. Post2Pet helps protect your regular income through healthcare plans whilst delivering an impressive service to your customers, keeping them and their pets safe and happy.
  5. Reception: Time is always short at reception, especially with restrictions on visitor numbers and keeping everyone safe. Channel your plan clients into using a direct delivery service and free up more time to spend with clients for consults, emergencies or catch up on admin.
  6. Admin: The time spent prepping and dispensing flea and worm treatments at reception can really add up. On average each clinic spends an hour dealing with flea and worm treatment collections every day, which could be delivered straight to the customers door instead. What would you achieve at work with an extra hour every day?
  7. Convenience: Are you asking your clients to pre-order flea & worm treatments so they are ready for them when they want to collect? Take the pressure off clients having to remember with an automatic delivery service.
  8. Stock: How much money is tied in your stock room? These treatments have to be ordered in bulk and in advance. They need to be unpacked, shelved, rotated, labelled. Stock can go out of date, which is an additional cost for the practice. With Post2Pet, you only pay for stock products have been distributed, keeping your shelves light and the cash flow high!

Are you interested in finding out more about Post2Pet? Click here to register your interest. Please note: Post2Pet is currently only available in mainland UK.