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1st February 2021

Premier Vet Alliance UK launches digital sign-up platform for Premier Pet Care Plan and Animal Healthcare clinics.

Screenshot of the digital sign up portal

A new digital solution has been launched, enabling pet owners to sign up to wellness plans in a COVID secure way.

Premier Vet Alliance (PVA), the global provider of pet health care plans, has created digital sign-up platforms available to every Premier Pet Care Plan and Animal Healthcare clinic. With the goal of enabling practices to increase the number of sign-ups to health care plans, pet owners can sign up to monthly plans with their chosen veterinary clinic, through an easy to complete online form, with less hands-on administration required from staff.

The platform takes a pet owner through a digital version of the paper agreement form, allowing them to sign up multiple pets in one go. Not only does this reduce administration for a practice, but all importantly, reduces the amount of paper used in practice.

Romain Regnier, PVA’s Business Analyst Manager said ‘’The current situation has accelerated the need for a digital transformation. To help vet practices reach this goal, we have created a highly customisable digital sign-up solution, which mirrors the practice’s branding and can be used in communications to the customer, giving you more possibilities to promote your plans. Pet parents can now easily and effortlessly subscribe to your plans directly via your website or marketing campaign, or by using their device in your practice.”

With many clinics making the necessary adjustments to ensure social distancing and to protect staff and pet owners from COVID-19, a digital sign-up platform allows practices to encourage sign ups remotely, whilst the pet owner waits outside, in their car or even in the comfort of their own home.

Debbie Saunders, PVA’s Customer Experience Manager said “It’s a two-pronged solution; reducing the impact that limited interactions with clients is having on health care plan signs ups and allowing practices to advertise their plans more efficiently.

We are encouraging practices to post about their new digital sign-up links on social media, so pet owners complete their forms anywhere. It will make a big difference to veterinary staff, reducing the amount of administrative pressure from plans but also allowing a direct call to action from advertising.”

Each practice will be given unique URLS, Tiny URLs and QR codes, linking to the platform, alongside marketing collateral. The marketing packs contain some customisable content, including social media assets, website banners and printable posters; all free to use to promote their new sign-up platform.

The digital sign-up platforms come with personalisation options, allowing practices to customise their webpage with their own logos, text, and branding, with the help of their PVA trainer. A choice of photos has been provided throughout the platform to ensure each clinic can customise their sign- up platform to match their branding.

If you are a UK Premier Pet Care Plan or Animal Healthcare clinic and are interested in integrating a digital sign-up form into your practice, please contact your PVA trainer or call 0117 370 0300 .