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4th November 2021

Special Friends Case Study: Post2Pet delivering prescriptions and clinic success

With both consumer demands and covid changing the game for all businesses over the last year; one thing we have been hearing loud and clear from pet owners is the request for a home delivery solution – especially for monthly healthcare plan products. Over 70% of our clients are struggling for time, and PVA’s home delivery is focused on taking the time pressure off clinics so they can spend more time being vets and seeing more clients. 

Special Friends Vets in Redditch has taken the plunge into the new world of home delivery. We had a moment to speak to Fran, their Animal Nursing Assistant, to hear how Post2Pet has changed their service. 

Hi Fran, Great to hear you now have Post2Pet at Special Friends. What motivated you to launch a home delivery solution for your healthcare plan? 

Special Friends Vets were motivated to launch a home delivery service for our healthcare plan as it would save us an amazing amount of time and resources to do so and also give our clients a better service.  

Before the postal service a member of our staff would have to create approximately 300 labels (per month) for clients’ flea & wormers and then order in said stock. Once received a member of staff would then have to dispense these flea & worm treatments and then contact the client by text to inform them that their medications were ready for collection. With the postal service none of this is necessary so it makes an amazing difference. 

It sounds like the service has reduced staff time prepping orders has made amazing efficiency improvements. How did you find the transition process? 

The process of transferring over to the postal service was a little daunting to begin with being a bit of a ‘techno phobe’ however the HUB was very easy to use and a client can be moved over very simply. 

Being ‘a bit of a techno phobe’ is okay! We are pleased you think it is easy to use. Have you received any feedback from you clients around the home delivery service?  

We have moved approximately 760 of our 900 clients so far and the feedback from clients has been excellent. With everyone having such busy lives it is one thing less for people to worry about with the delivery service. 

It also means we can compete with other competitors that can offer a postal service. With COVID and online shopping this seems to be the way forward. 

Amazing, it is so important to keep up with the competition. So what 3 things would you rate as the largest benefits to having a home delivery service?  

I would say that the top benefits to having the home delivery service would be: 

  • A lot less time taken by staff in Practice dispensing medications 
  • Better service for clients  
  • Carbon footprint reduced. 

Big thank you to Fran for taking the time to answer our questions! It sounds like Post2Pet has made a really positive difference for your colleagues, pet owners and pets! 

We calculated that Special Friends were losing a member of staff for the equivalent of 7.7 weeks per year to providing their health plan clients with their products (based on number of pets on plan x 5 minutes per quarter to dispense flea/wormer in reception). Moving to post to pet removes this action 

 If you are interested in implementing a home delivery service at your clinic, please do not hesitate to contact your PVA coach or email