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Our state-of-the-art financial technology platfom is the first of its kind in the UK veterinary market and has been built and tailored with the specific needs of vets in mind. A market leader, our intuitive system is comprehensive, highly automated and is always improving as we continually invest, innovate and adapt to respond to your needs.

Our platform offers a multi-currency, multi-language and multi-payments methods to create a seamless financial technology service for you to maximise your business and health plan opportunities. While securing your data in a trusted environment used by the world’s leading financial organisations.

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Access to the portal is role specific, ensuring there is safety and an audit trail built within the heart of the system. Role dependent, your staff will be able to take full control to your plan from setting up new users, to adding, editing, cancelling or suspending plans. You will be able to view the status of all transactions and view the notifications that have been sent out to your clients, record when a payment has been made in clinic, set-up an e-prescription home delivery or SMS reminder and so much more. The system is intuitive and automated with one principal in mind, to empower you to manage your plan.

On average we do 4 updates to our portal per year, which could focus on improving portal navigation, performance visibility or providing access to a new function. As part of our ongoing development of the portal, we want to hear your feedback and ideas on improvements we can make.

Your data is hosted with Amazons Web Service (AWS). AWS is one of the most secure data centre providers in the world, with all the leading financial institutions entrusting their data with them. The data centres are resilient and extremely secure, your data could not be in safer hands.

We rigorously comply with all legislation and laws in relation to the management of your data and your client’s funds and each element of the service we provide you is audited to ensure compliance with the necessary Data, Privacy and Financial legislation and regulatory requirements. As a BACS accredited Facilities Management provider, PVA apply the necessary rules and standards to ensure the safe management of your client funds. If you already run a plan but administrate it with another provider, the good news is that the BACS Facilities Management accreditation allows us to smoothly transfer those plans across.

Our live banking portal notifies you of the status of all collections (successful, failed and cancelled) and takes away the strain from you. The PVA portal also automates the notifications out to the client and even initiates the process of collecting failed payments.

Please let us know which PMS system you use as we have extensive working knowledge of all the leading systems and understand how to use those systems to aid with the administration of your plan.

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