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Benefits to my practice


An easy, low-cost service to improve compliance and pet healthcare. Your clients have the choice of what, when and how to receive their parasiticide products.


Post2Pet guarantees delivery of pet parasiticide products directly to your client’s front door, wherever they are. We will even remind the pet owner when it is time for the next dose.


In a crowded modern market, your clients have access to an array of ‘over the counter’ parasiticide products from many sources. Post2Pet is designed exclusively for vets, providing clients with an affordable alternative from a trusted source.

Time Saver

Built in consultation with the VMD, our portal enables vets to create prescriptions with ease, decreasing clinic dispensing workload and reducing cash-flow and debt risk through intuitive technology.


An easy to use service for both the customer and veterinary practice. Our user-friendly interface allows clients to receive and administer the right products, at the right time, ensuring 100% compliance on all parasiticide products.


You have the option to choose the prescription, duration and frequency of which product is right for the pet and research shows that given the choice, 60% of pet owners would sign up.

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The development of our veterinary home delivery solution, Post2Pet reflects the changes in client shopping habits and provides an invaluable option to those clients that are too busy, elderly or unable to visit frequently or simply just forget to come to the clinic each time the prescription is due. Post2Pet clients are 15% less likely to cancel their plan.

Post2Pet is integrated into our live portal and we have automated much of the system to minimise the amount of work in managing Post2Pet deliveries. Set up of a prescription could not be easier and once active, the portal takes care of the rest.


Our service is manufacturer agnostic. The service is designed initially for parasiticide products, although we are developing additional functionality to enable you to create long-term medication and food home delivery plans.

Yes. On average, 69% of clients that are offered Post2Pet have signed up to the affordable and convenient service.

Yes, the system is VMD compliant which means that each delivery will include the necessary dispensing label and product data sheets. Deliveries are sent out in a robust cardboard package designed to be posted through the letter box.

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