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Benefits to my practice


A faster way to communicate critical detail, delivery tracking and prescription updates. Engage, respond and solve queries quicker with our 2-way chat function.


Available to download today, Vet2Pet allows your clients to interact with their Pet Health Plan & Home Delivery service on their terms, giving them information at their fingertips.


View, manage and amend all Pet Health Plan & Post2Pet details seamlessly. The technology works with your existing portal and digital sign up.

Client Satisfaction

Listen to your audience. Research shows that more than 50% new pet owners are now under the age of 35 and looking for a digital solution.

Time Pressure

Designed to relieve the administrative pressure on your clinic, enabling you to connect with your clients, share updates and manage their health plans / home delivery with minimal effort.

Added Value

Take advantage of additional staff training and our pet care library, bringing your clients news, advice, instructional videos and more.


The app is a communication platform designed to help you and your clients keep up to date with everything they need to know. It can drastically cut down on inbound and outbound calls, make payments more streamlined and improve the overall client experience. The app gives your clients another communication channel with you. You control how much it offers but the functionality it can provide includes: a. Appointment booking b. Medication/ food ordering c. In-patient updates d. 2-way chat e. Healthcare plan information and updates f. In-app Payments g. News updates

The Vet2Pet app is designed to relieve the administrative pressure on your clinic and your time, enabling you to connect with your clients, share updates with ease and manage their health plans / home delivery with minimal effort. Research suggests that 42% of Monday morning calls go unanswered, with Vet2Pet, you will be able to connect to pet owners while allowing them to self-serve as much as possible with information at their fingertips, decreasing in-practice phone calls / communication.

This is at the discretion of your practice and how you wish to service your clients. Inbound messages via the two-way chat are available 24 hours a day, and your staff can access their login using a link from any internet device, should they choose to. If you decide to wait until your staff are within working hours, all messages will be visible in the inbox, in date and time order.

You can pick and choose exactly how many notifications you receive but some of the most important ones include details regarding, delivery date, dispatch information, payment requests and details of your pet health plan.

Yes. The Vet2Pet app integrates with Vetstoria to request appointment bookings.

The app is not designed to replace face-to-face contact, it simply allows both the clinic and client with another option to interact and be more efficient.

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