A Global Leader in Preventative Health Care

Driving clinical compliance and business growth

Unrivalled technology, investment and support, Premier Vet Alliance (PVA) is committed to developing world class preventative health plans – enabling the delivery of gold standard care to pet owners around the world.

PVA has everything you will need to maximise the potential that exists in every veterinary practice, adding value to your business and your customers.

Who we are

Premier Vet Alliance is a world leading veterinary group with more than a decade of experience delivering premium care to all our veterinary and animal health customers, working in partnership with more than 3,000 practices throughout the UK and around the world.

We provide technology, training, financial, marketing and business intelligence to create bespoke preventative health care plans to support the growth of your business and improve the health and wellbeing of pets around the world.

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Founded in 2007, we started as a small veterinary group with a vision – to change the industry through technology, innovation and premium customer care – and to support and build long-lasting relationships with all sectors of the veterinary world.

Headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom, we began working with practices primarily in the UK but have since grown our portfolio to countries including the U.S.A, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany and France.

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A Trusted Partner

Fast forward to today, our goals and vision remain the same but with a growing range of products and services to encourage clinical compliance and increase customer loyalty and flexibility, we aim to deliver the highest standard of pet care and business growth for you.

We have experience working with all corners of the industry, from veterinary practices and buying groups to wholesalers and manufacturers. Our expertise and knowledge has helped us to understand what your business needs to operate more efficiently in order to provide the level of support your customers deserve.

As one of the only health plan providers to have owned and managed veterinary practices, we have a unique insight into the challenges you face and have spent years creating all the tools and support network to provide a tailor-made service to you.