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26th February 2024

10 Ways to Attract Clients to Your Practice

how to attract clients to your practice

In the continually evolving and crowded market of veterinary medicine, standing out above your competitors or corporates and attracting new clients to your practice can be a challenge. With client acquisition being such an important metric for sustainable growth, what steps can you take within your practice to attract clients to your practice and continue to grow your client base?

Read on to find out.

1. Digitalisation

In today’s technologically advanced era, gone are the days of feeling forced to visit shops in person, make payments in cash, or book appointments over the phone. So, why should your veterinary practice be any different?

According to TimeTrade, approximately 75% of businesses have lost customers due to wait related issues and slow communication[1]. Don’t let that be you. Adaptations such as online or contactless payments, voicemail systems, implementation of Google reviews, home delivery, accessible online information and hospitalisation updates can improve convenience for owners, boosting compliance and demonstrating your value to new clients.

Many of these services can be found on and fulfilled by our Vet2Pet app. Click below to request more information.

2. Demonstrate expertise

Many individuals are more likely to trust someone who they know has expertise. If given the option, would you hire a reputable, well-known vet, or someone whose name is scarce within the community?

In the same way, convey your team’s expertise through information sharing on social media, by email, open evenings, webinars and more, you can reach your potential clients and show current sign-ups that your team is knowledgeable. Do you have a vet who specialises in a specific niche? Showcasing your vets’ specialities and achievements both in and out of work can break down a barrier between vets and owners and highlight the people in your practice.

3. Encourage testimonials

Research by Wyzowl suggests that nine out of ten people are more likely to trust what a customer says about the business, rather than the business itself [2]. So, are you giving your clients a space to share their reviews with other potential clients? Implementing Google Reviews, Facebook reviews or even a simple social media account with comments switched on can allow clients to leave their feedback and act as a reinforcing testimonial to your practice.

4. Engage online

Everyone loves an online contest. Engage existing and potential clients of your practice by creating excitement online. Social media is the perfect place to do this. Who has the cutest pet, pet of the month and similar engaging competitions can foster positive conversation and encourage sharing, broadening the scope of your target market.

Additionally, it’s no secret that people want to be able to find things online. Do you have a website? Importantly, is it an easy to use, accurate representation of your practice and the message that you are trying to convey in your other online and offline marketing efforts? Consider also the use of reviews and other user experience tools on your website to encourage ratings and promote your services further to prospective customers.

5. Prioritise customer service

Regardless of the industry or business type, tardy customer service is deleterious. From initial contact to payment and everything in between, your processes and staff members should make the whole process easy and break down any barriers that could cause new clients to stray or switch to a competitor. For example, separating cat and dog waiting areas, providing regular updates if a vet is running late, automated phone messages or email response receipts and other efforts can all help to make visiting the vets less stressful for owners and their pets alike, boosting compliance.

6. Show off your team

We know that pets are like part of the family. In the same way that a human would want to meet and trust a doctor before entrusting them with their care, pet owners will want to do the same with their veterinary team.

Introducing your team on social media, hosting open evenings in practice and hanging team photos on your walls can all help to make your practice more inviting to new clients.

7. Deck out your practice

It’s not just the team you want to give a great first impression. The physical appearance of your practice can speak volumes to potential clients. Don’t neglect the importance of ensuring that every corner of your practice is well-kept. You need to think outside the box – or waiting room – and consider other important areas, such as the car park, outside of your practice, reception area and all of the main areas a potential client will see before even making it to the front desk.

8. The benefits of marketing

Perhaps the most effective way to reach potential clients is through the use of cleverly crafted marketing materials. It doesn’t have to be expensive. The last thing you want is to have a fantastic perk in your practice, such as a pet healthcare plan, but receive little to no new sign ups because prospective owners are unaware of its existence and affiliated benefits.

Social media, websites, engaging branding, flyers and other assets will elevate the presence of your practice and help you stand out among your competitors, to new clients.

9. Keep regular contact

It is highly important to continually engage client prospects in order to draw their attention to your practice. Reaching clients across multiple channels in this way will allow you to regularly remind your potential clients of your presence, and reduce the risk of competitors drawing your target market.

For example, you could send out monthly emails or newsletters to interested stakeholders, updating them on the latest developments in practice including price changes, new staff members, vaccination reminders and other general information.

10. Consider implementing pet health plans

 It is important to offer value to new and returning clients, in order to convey your benefits as a practice over your competitors.

If you don’t already, could you consider implementing pet health plans into your practice? Not only do they provide convenience to your client, they also boost compliance and streamline admin processes within your practice, all while making your offerings appealing to new clients, and with the option to add home delivery, specialist coaching, training and other added perks, you can develop your health plan into the best it can be to appeal to your target customers. Plans are also a very effective way of generating monthly guaranteed revenue, helping you to forecast what known available funds you have for future spend.

Ready to get started, or discuss pet health plan options for your practice? Contact a member of our team today to find out more.