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Premier Pet Care Plan Is Great for Pet Owners

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Best Prices – Affordable Monthly Payments and Loyalty Discounts

With Premier Pet Care Plan, owners can spread the cost of essential pet healthcare treatments and procedures evenly over 12 months. There are no surprise bills. Payments are taken automatically by Direct Debit, so owners can relax in the knowledge that their routine pet care needs are covered for an entire year.

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Best Plans – Tailored To Suit Individual Needs

Every vet practice that offers Premier Pet Care Plan can choose to build plans bespoke to their vets’ clinical values. Vets can add certain features and benefits into pet plans, depending on what range of services the practice offers. Prices vary, depending on the contents of each plan. Plans are designed so that owners only pay for what their pets actually need.

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Best Care – Peace of Mind That Pets Are Healthy

When it comes to pet health, prevention is always better than cure. Keeping on top of vaccinations, worming, flea and tick treatments is vital for a happy and healthy pet. While regular check-ups on diet, teeth, ears, eyes, skin and general well-being could help diagnose any problems early and avoid unnecessary illness – and bills!

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Does My Vet Offer Premier Pet Care Plan?

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