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Knowledge & Experience

Experience operating in multiple territories and different parts of the industry, providing bespoke preventative health plans to more than two million pets.

Unrivalled finance, technology infrastructure, market knowledge and experience collaborating with the animal health industry, we have an extensive understanding of how to provide a scalable and personalized proposition for you.

Ability to recognise that our customers have different needs, goals and learning requirements, which has enabled us to deliver unique support packages through our Training Academy.

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As part of our vision we have invested in state-of-the-art financial technology, marketing, training and business Intelligence, designed to complement our goal to provide you with a system that is quick to set-up, easy to promote, user-friendly, low cost and takes away the administrative burden from your practice.

Exclusive to working with us, the following suite of services are available to every practice working with us:

  • Global payment portal
  • Reporting services including customer data / trend analysis
  • Client intelligence, insights and feedback
  • Training Academy offering live, virtual and pre-recorded training
  • Home delivery
  • Client communication tool / app

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Collaboration & Performance

We work with you to achieve your goals and develop a solution that unlocks your business potential. Our results show that within three years an average practice will benefit from 30% of their active client base signing up to our preventative health plan.

We are flexible and our support tools and services can be tailored to your business. As a result, we are proud that clinics we work with have some of the highest plan retention rates in the industry.

Through our experience, knowledge and investment we work together with channel partners around the world to deliver a common goal – achieving gold-standard animal healthcare and happy pet owners.

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