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Using our industry knowledge and experience of Health Plans, we have developed the PVA Training Academy - a flexible and exclusive service deigned to support you with a broad catalogue of content and tailored training packages, allowing you to decide what help you need, when you need it and how your staff want to receive it.

We’ve taken the time to identify that not everyone learns in the same way and our team of experts offer gold-standard support which is available to you in a variety of different ways including via face-to-face, virtual, live, pre-recorded, ‘how to guides’ and e-learning.

We believe in a blended learning approach which empowers the practice. You have access to the Premier Vet Alliance Academy as both a learner and administrator, allowing you to set up your staff and train them, when it is suitable for you. Learners have access to how to videos, pre-recorded webinars and e-learning courses which are all designed for your staff to access training at a time that suits them. We also deliver real time 1-2-1 training either in clinic or via a live webinar, allowing us to train your staff in multiple locations and on multiple devices safely. This combined approach ensures you have the correct tools and support in place to best suit your team and the individual learners. In addition, our trainers are experts in Preventative Health Plans and utilise there their global knowledge to help you create, price and develop your plan, ensuring that it is set up to get maximum buy-in from staff and clients. We will do a Preventative Health Plan health check to analyse how the plan is being adopted and where you can use the plan to develop the rest of your business.

Our interests are aligned, we only make money from your plan being successful. This means that we will make sure you have all the training and support you require to get set up and prosper thereafter – with a comprehensive catalogue of training, your staff with have 24/7 access to the Training Academy.

PVA often speak to clinics who have already launched a Health Plan either by themselves or with another Health Plan provider and have become despondent by either the lack of value the plan delivers to the practice or by the amount of work involved in administrating the plan. PVA have extensive experience of working with clinics who have only 5-15% of pets on plan and will work with you to put in place the knowledge, support and tools to enable you to get to 30%+ of pets on plan.

We are working on this and hope to announce soon the training modules that have been accredited.

Yes and no. We believe it is important that a member of our team is dedicated to owning an account and their function is to support and help you day-to-day but our whole team of experts will deliver training and support to ensure a higher level of availability, skills and support.

We work in partnership with you, we have aligned our interests. All our training is included as part of a fully supported service to help you get the best results, the best support and the best guidance.

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